East Sand Bridge

Construction unit: China Railway Bridge Bureau Group Sixth Engineering Company
Project introduction: Nantong Dongsha bridge is located in Nantong City, Tongzhou Binjiang District, is an important channel connecting the Dongsha and urban district, Nantong city,
The key construction project of Tongzhou District traffic, open the island, Henggang sand areas of my important traffic infrastructure. East of Nantong  East Sand  Bridge
1898.8 meters, the total investment of 450 million yuan construction. Nantong bridge east sand bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with Twin Towers double cable plane concrete main tower cable-stayed type diamond.
Sand Lake Bridge

Project introduction: Zhangjiagang Shazhou  Lake Bridge  Main Tower 68 meters high, 280 meters in length, the height is 79.1m, the maximum section for 6.865*6m. One type of cable-stayed bridge, using the method of direct generation of the method of construction, transverse to the maximum elevation of 15 degrees to the side of the bridge.
Using products: hydraulic climbing formwork LG-100.
Shoring scaffolding for Vanke department in Tianjing

This project is located in the Southeast of Tianjing South Railway Station, the area is 250 thousand m², it’s a large-scale residential and commercial land use. It’s invested by Vanke. This project has 3 buildings, all use new construction technology in the consideration of economic,safety,  high efficiency and environment protection.
This project uses Rapid Scaffolding, erection and disassembly are together to shorten the construction period.
Castle Peak Reservoir

Castle Peak Reservoir construction project is the largest water conservancy project in Huludao and an important livelihood projects, the project by the hub and water diversion project, the total investment of 2 billion 830 million yuan. Qingshan Reservoir with a total capacity of 670 million cubic meters; a total length of 71.022 km line water diversion project. The construction of Castle Peak Reservoir will develop to the economic development of Huludao  City, the development of the six river basin, the demand of water resources, the improvement of water environment and the construction of river basin flood control system.
Use of products: cantilever frame LG-240.
Nanjing Lukou International Airport Shoring Projects--Construction Project

Nanjing Lukou International Airport airfield channel project(F1-3 section),located in the south new terminals, about 796m long,consisted by double orifice box culvert u-shaped slot and general road.The max height is 9.8m. The second phase expansion project of thickness is 1100 mm.
Disk lock steel tubular scaffold (“rapid scaffold”)used in the project of civil structure construction process,which Solve the following two technical difficulties:
1.Thickness plate.1100mm is very thick ,the load reached 30 kn / ㎡,Rapid Scaffold used 0.9m*1.2m*1.5m shoring frame.
2.High height.This height needed High demands on the scaffold overall stability.
    Rapid Scaffold used less material than other scaffold,and improves the overall stability and bearing capacity , less labour.
Tianjin shuishang Lake

Tianjin shuishang Lake New City located in South of Tianjin, design resident population is 1 million.It will be a new city center of Tianjin.
This project use Rapid support technical, base on site condition, we use 2 x 2m separate support style, space between each supporting is 4m. On work layer, we used the Rapid connect components to connect two separate supporting and put steel plank, this can save the material and labor, make the construct effectively.