How to Define the Usage of Ringlock Scaffolidng With Its Couplers

Time: 2019-11-20
Summary: It is prohibited to use the scaffold are unsafe. Use process pay attention to safety, prevent accidents.
Ringlock scaffold in the United States and Europe has been widely used in nearly a decade, the penetration rate is very high. Slowly also introduced China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan began to a lot of use, and the bowl frame, dish buckle scaffold safety coefficient is higher than that of bowl frame, plate Fastener scaffold has received attention in the construction project, the following simple introduction for everyone footwall Ringlock scaffolding main component and USES.

(1) stud
1. Application: the main support for the whole system stress components
2. Connection: the connection to external sleeve directly inserted into the vertical bar interpolation directly insert intubation, available to bolt fastening
3. The disk space: 500 mm
4. Material: Ø 48 x 3.5 mm steel pipe, Q235A

(2) the horizontal bar
1. Purpose: make average stress distribution between the poling, enhance body stability
2. The connection forms: horizontal pole plug set into the disk, insert bolt using hammer knock down

(3) the basic lever
1. Purpose: ensure that the scaffold founder, the balance of horizontal force, has strong role to the high-level support.
2. The connection form: same as the horizontal bar
3. Material: Ø 48 x 3.5 mm steel pipe, Q235A

(4) inclined support
1. Purpose: may withstand the vertical force, distributed load, the frame body
2. The connection forms: big hole plug set into the disk, the bolt coming out
3. Material: Ø 48 x 3.5 mm steel pipe, Q235A
Ringlock scaffold use safety precautions:
After use clean component, component surface contamination, check whether the damage. When necessary to brush anti-rust paint again; Scaffolding stack should be rust protection.

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