Why Is the Use of Ringlock Scaffoldign Easy For Construction Project?

Time: 2019-11-19
Summary: Ringlock can constitute a large scale, high, large span, cantilever, every, double bent framework, mobile rack, and other structures. Widely used in all kinds of engineering construction, Marine aircraft maintenance, system installation stage stand, etc.
The characteristics of the Ringlock scaffolding safe passage
Ringlock scaffold is safe passage corridor, corridor of the object position, the design must be reasonable to this place, such a set-up is a must in the construction of buildings, Ringlock scaffolding supported by horizontal pole, upright, vertical oblique, hook steel springboard, components are not many, but everything in the erection of the components is very important, Ringlock safe passage into tower channel, homework.

The advantages of Ringlock scaffolding safe passage:
1. Accord with human body engineering, the safety of the scaffold
2. Meet all kinds of job demands
3. In the public area can be used as an emergency staircase
4. Optional single and double flights of stairs
5. It can be quick and easy to set up and dismantling operations

Tower channel specific features:
1. Accord with human body engineering, the safety of the scaffold.
2. Systematic product, which can realize fast and safe.
3. Product design to save space and logistics cost.
4. Simple design, high bearing capacity.
5. Prosthesis one-time mobile crane is available.

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