Is There Any Difference Between Scaffolding Erection and Scaffolding Planks

Time: 2019-11-12
Summary: The scaffold (fastener scaffold) and steel scaffolding planks to build sharing.
Steel scaffolding planks and scaffolding ,in essence, it is not a product, use has the very big difference, scaffolding using range is very wide, steel board (steel pedals) and scaffold use collocation, both agree on using each other, complement each other, the following are respectively about the steel scaffolding planks and scaffolding each build process.

Steel scaffolding planks to build:
In scaffolding structures, after, above has the need to open channel steel scaffolding planks, laid in the process of laying, follow with M18 bolt hole, used to plate and plate connection, adjust at the bottom of the platform width. Skirting board using the height is 180 mm, skirting board painted yellow and black paint, in their respective three holes with screws skirting board. This can be fixed connection between steel scaffolding planks and steel scaffolding planks.

Fastener scaffold structures:
Should pay attention to the foundation level solid steel fastener scaffold erection, and set up base plate, and have reliable drainage measures to prevent the water soak a foundation. According to the situation of rod set up the wall and load size, the commonly used open type double row scaffolding poling horizontal distance is 1.05 ~ 1.55 m, commonly building scaffolding interval is 1.20 ~ 1.35 m, commonly decoration or building, decoration and scaffolding generally is 1.80 m, poling longitudinal from 1.2 ~ 2.0 m. Which allows the erection 34 ~ 50 m in height. When for single row, poling cross from 1.2 ~ 1.4 m, poling longitudinal from 1.5 ~ 2.0 m. Allow the erection of 24 m in height.

Above is the scaffold (fastener scaffold) and steel scaffolding planks to build sharing, anyhow according to certain structures, steps away, the master professional construction knowledge, reduce the security hidden danger.

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