Scaffolding technology in construction applications 1 .

Time: 2019-11-04
Summary: Side attached attached scaffold application technology and there are some technical shortcomings in the new side-mounted attached lifting scaffolding.
If the high-rise residential building is a cross-shaped plane structure, it should have a special elevator arranged at each position of the yin and yang. There are 12 elevators in total, and each of the load racks placed at the bottom is counted. The speed of construction has been greatly improved. It takes less than 10 hours for the scaffold to raise one layer, and the height can be increased after 1d of the pouring floor; the construction worker's work intensity is greatly reduced. Improve manual erection operations to semi-mechanized operations. In short, such scaffolding has been favored by construction units and shows great development prospects.
With the investment and construction of a large number of high-rise building projects, the scaffolding with outstanding features and economic benefits has been widely applied and has gradually become the development trend of the national construction industry. However, due to the late development of scaffolding in China, all kinds of attached lifting scaffolds are still in the stage of development and improvement. There are still many hidden dangers in the design and safety performance of early use, and more attention needs to be paid, and solutions are proposed. problem.
     2.1 Lack of corresponding design and use of standard specifications
Because of the lack of standards for the design and use of attached lifting scaffolding, it is difficult to ensure a safe design. While maintaining the safe and stable operation of the attached lifting scaffold, it is necessary to carry out the structure of the lifting and lowering of the lifting scaffold as a whole and the related equipment for the adhesive bearing setting, and these supporting engineering structures require sufficient safety design factors. Although the Ministry of Construction has promulgated some relevant laws and regulations, since the regulations are not affiliated with relevant industry standards and national standards, the design control of attached lifting scaffolds is obviously not enough, so the designers are extensive in design. The design conditions have been comprehensively considered, but there are still cases where the load value is insufficient, and the specific calculation method of the design model is not within the actual prescribed range, and the relevant regulations have no particular restrictions on these, so there is a clear lack of efforts in design safety.
     2.2 Intensified market competition
The competition of builders in the market is concentrated on price competition. The construction has always had fierce market competition, and the profits are not very high. Therefore, the construction company is blindly pursuing low cost in all aspects of construction, which directly leads to scaffolding contractors. In the market competition, the competition between the costs is getting bigger and bigger. In order to continuously adapt to the constantly updated competition demand, the construction unit has been mainly used for the construction of regular shape construction projects. Now this technology is used for irregular shapes. Items and construction management are more difficult than ever. However, some attached lifting scaffolds are only trying to occupy the market for the purpose of blindly catering to the lower price requirements of the construction unit, thereby further reducing the corresponding safety factors, leading to a gradual deepening of the safety risks of the contractor's scaffolding.
    2.3 Technical and operational operation management is not standardized
The technical and operational management is not standardized, which increases the safety hazard of the attached lifting scaffold during operation. Because the building cannot be in the same shape, it is impractical to attach the lifting scaffold to completely maintain the shape of the factory. If the quality level is good or bad, it cannot be determined. In addition, on-site assembly, on-site construction technology management and business Management is critical to the quality and safe use of attached lifting scaffolding, which is critical to the safe operation of attached lifting scaffolding. It should also be noted that the construction unit pays insufficient attention to the design and safety of the attached lifting scaffold. The construction unit has various unsafe behaviors and unsafe conditions during use, which deepens the unsafe operation of the attached lifting scaffold. Among them, the unsafe behavior and the running state mainly include: the relevant construction unit only needs scaffolding to meet the construction schedule and reduce the cost, and reduces the relevant requirements for ensuring safety, so that the technical measures can not meet the standard in terms of safety performance; the construction unit will project Contracted to the manufacturer, shirking the safety responsibility that should be assumed; in terms of setting up the supporting structure, the quality of the equipment does not meet the requirements of the requirements; the relevant operators do not go through the pre-job training of the system to carry out the actual operation; The amount of construction loaded on the shelf is too large; the shelf uses a single point of support when it rises and falls, causing the shelf to shake too much, reducing stability; there is stagnation between the ascending and descending actions, and cannot be synchronized. In addition, there are some other unsafe use phenomena that increase the risk of shelves that are otherwise insecure.