Bowl buckle type steel pipe scaffold knowledge summary 1 .

Time: 2019-11-01
Summary: Bowl buckle steel foot structure accessories specifications and uses.
The bowl-shaped steel pipe scaffold is called WDJ bowl-type multi-functional scaffold. The core component of this scaffold is the bowl joint. It is made of the lower bowl buckle welded on the pole, the slidable upper bowl buckle and the upper bowl buckle. The limit pin consists of a joint welded to the crossbar.

When it is connected, just insert the crossbar into the lower bowl buckle, buckle the upper bowl buckle along the limit pin, rotate clockwise, close to the spiral surface of the upper bowl buckle to make it close with the limit pin, so that the crossbar The pole is firmly connected to form a frame structure, and the bowl-and-button joint can be connected with four crossbars at the same time. The crossbar can be perpendicular to each other or can be deflected to a certain angle. The position is determined as needed, and the structure is simple and the joint is reasonable. The mechanical properties are good, the working state is safe and reliable, the disassembly and assembly is quick and labor-saving, and the functions are more.
1. Bowl buckle steel foot structure accessories specifications and uses
There are 23 types and 53 kinds of rods and fittings for bowl-type steel scaffolding. According to their purposes, they can be divided into main components, auxiliary components and special components. There are 6 main components, which are:
1. Pole
The main force-bearing member of the scaffold is responsible for the vertical direction. A set of bowl-and-buckle joints is installed every 0.6m on a φ48 × 3.5mmA3 steel pipe of a certain length, and a pole connecting pipe is welded at the top end. The poles are available in 3.0m (LG -300) and 1.8m (LG -180) lengths to facilitate staggering the joint.
2. Pole
That is, the top pole has a pole connecting pipe at the top, which is convenient for inserting a bracket or an adjustable bracket at the top, and has 2.10m (DG-210), 1.50m (DG-150), and 0.90m (DG- 90) It is available in 3 sizes and can be combined with the pole to form a support frame of any height.
3. Crossbar group
The transverse connecting rod of the frame is made of welded crossbar joints at both ends of a certain length of φ48 × 3.5mmA3 steel pipe, with 2.40m (HG-240), 1.80m (HG-180), 1.50m (HG-150 ), 1.20m (HG-120), 0.90m (HG-90), 0.60m (HG-60), 0.30m (HG-30) 7 specifications.
4. Single row crossbar
It is mainly used as a horizontal horizontal rod for single-row scaffolding. It is welded at one end of φ48 × 3.5mmA3 steel pipe, and has two specifications of 1.80m (DHG-180) and 1.40m (DHG-140).
5. Slanting rod
The series of rods designed to enhance the stability of the scaffold are made of riveted joints at both ends of the φ48 × 2.2mmA3 steel pipe. There are 5 specifications, which are applicable to 1.20m × 1.20m, 1.20m × 1.80m, 1.50m × Five frame planes, 1.80m, 1.80m × 1.80m, 1.80m × 2.40m.
6. Base
There are three forms that are installed at the root of the pole to prevent it from sinking and to distribute the upper load to the foundation foundation.

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