Full scaffolding technology 2 .

Time: 2019-10-31
Summary: Safety technology disclosure: According to the requirements of safety measures and the actual situation on site, management personnel at all levels must personally submit written reports.
Third : Safety construction management system
3.1 Safety education system: When the construction personnel enters the site, they first enter the three-level safety education. After passing the examination, they will be employed. During the construction process, they will adhere to regular safety education and targeted safety education.
3.2 Safety technology disclosure: According to the requirements of safety measures and the actual situation on site, management personnel at all levels must personally submit written reports. The division (sub-item) shall carry out written safety technical disclosure before the construction of the project, and the disclosure shall be targeted, comprehensive, and perform the signing procedures. Adhere to the "five simultaneous" and "four do not let go" system.
3.3 Pre-class speech system: Each team is required to conduct a pre-class safety speech on the assigned team before the daily work, according to the characteristics of the team operation and the surrounding working environment.
3.4 Monday Safety Activity System: The Manager Department organizes all workers to conduct safety activities and education every Monday. It summarizes the safety problems of last week, and makes necessary disclosures on this week's safety priorities and precautions, so that the majority of workers have a good idea. To improve the safety awareness of all employees.
3.5 Regular inspection and hidden danger rectification system: The management department shall organize a safety production inspection every week. For the identified safety hazards, it is necessary to set measures, set time, rectify and rectify people, make re-inspectors arrange rectification and implementation, and make safety hazards rectification. Item record.
3.6 Special types of work permit system: Special types of work must hold the operation permit within the valid period, and carry out special operations according to the requirements of the relevant types of work.
3.7 The installation of the large external scaffolding and large and medium-sized mechanical equipment shall be implemented by the safety, technical and mechanical departments. Anyone who does not experience the experience shall not be put into use.

Fourth: Safety management work
1 The project manager department is responsible for the safety production work of the entire site, and strictly follows the relevant safety measures stipulated in the construction organization design and construction technical measures;
4.2 In the construction process, the weak parts and links should be controlled in a key way. For example, tower cranes, etc. should be strictly controlled and supervised from the equipment inspection, installation and daily operation. All equipment performance and protective devices that do not meet safety requirements are not allowed to be used;
4.3 Make necessary and reasonable inputs to safe production facilities. Important labor protection products must be purchased from designated manufacturers.
4.4 Analyze security difficulties, determine safety management priorities, and implement safety pre-evaluation systems. Before the start of each large construction phase, analyze the construction conditions, construction characteristics, construction methods at this stage, predict construction safety difficulties and hidden dangers, and determine management points and pre-control measures. During the structural construction phase, the safety focus is on:
(1) The construction is prevented from falling at the high point, and the three-dimensional cross construction is against the object;
(2) Implementation of protective measures such as “three treasures”, “four ports” and “five borders”;
(3) Safety measures during the construction, use and dismantling of scaffolding works;
(4) Safety of electricity for construction of various power tools;
(5) On-site firefighting and other work.

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