What are the specific safety regulations for mobile scaffolding?

Time: 2019-10-24
Summary: The specific safety regulations for mobile scaffolding .
(1) The mobile scaffold must be firmly connected to the building or structure before use or the scaffold itself should be firmly stabilized; the lower rolling part should be firmly fixed.
(2) Before the scaffolding moves, the items (materials, materials, tools, etc.) and garbage on the rack should be removed; and there are reliable measures to prevent the scaffold from falling.
(3) The site where the mobile scaffolding is used, the four corners must be flat, and the safety belts should be worn for more than three layers.
(4) Before removing the scaffolding, the materials, tools and debris on the scaffolding should be removed.
(5) When dismantling the scaffolding, the warning zone sign should be set and the full-time staff should be responsible for the alert.
(6) Scaffolding should be carried out from one end to the other and from top to bottom.
(7) Special personnel should be provided for scaffolding for regular inspection and maintenance work. The high-level scaffolding should be regularly checked for settlement of the pole foundation, and measures should be taken immediately.

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