What are the general requirements for scaffolding steel pipe erection 1 ?

Time: 2019-10-23
Summary: The general requirements for scaffolding steel pipe erection.
1. Steel pipe fastener scaffolding should pay attention to the foundation is flat and solid, set the base and the backing plate, and have reliable drainage measures to prevent the water from immersing the foundation.
2. According to the setting condition of the wall bar and the load size, the open double-row scaffolding pole is commonly used. The horizontal distance is generally 1.05~1.55m, the stepping distance of masonry scaffolding is generally 1.20~1.35m, the scaffolding for decoration or masonry and decoration is generally 1.80m, the vertical length of the pole is 1.2~2.0m, and the allowable height is 34. ~50m. When set for a single row, the vertical distance of the pole is 1.2~1.4m, the longitudinal length of the pole is 1.5~2.0m, and the height of the erection is 24m.
3. The vertical horizontal rod should be placed on the inner side of the vertical pole, and its length should not be less than 3 spans. The vertical horizontal rod can be used as a butt joint fastener, or it can be overlapped. If the butt fastener method is adopted, the butt fasteners shall be staggered; if the lap joint is used, the lap length shall not be less than 1 m, and three rotating fasteners shall be fixed at equal intervals.

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