What are the regulations for the setting of the scaffolding for fastener steel pipe scaffolding?

Time: 2019-10-22
Summary: the regulations for the setting of the scaffolding for fastener steel pipe scaffolding。
1   The work layer scaffolding should be covered, laid and laid;
2   Stamped steel scaffolding, wooden scaffolding, bamboo string scaffolding, etc., should be placed on three horizontal horizontal poles. When the length of the scaffold is less than 2m, two horizontal horizontal rod supports can be used, but the two ends of the scaffold should be reliably fixed with the horizontal horizontal rod to prevent tipping. The laying of the scaffolding board should be tiled or lapped. When the scaffolding board is tiling, two horizontal horizontal rods shall be provided at the joint. The outer extension of the scaffold shall be 130mm~150mm, and the sum of the elongation of the two scaffolds shall not exceed 300mm; when the scaffold is laid, the joint Should be supported on the horizontal horizontal rod, the overlap length should not be less than 200mm, and the length of the extended horizontal horizontal rod should not be less than 100mm.
3   The bamboo slab scaffolding shall be laid in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal horizontal rod according to the main bamboo rib, and shall be connected to the tiling. The four corners shall be fixed on the longitudinal horizontal rod by galvanized steel wire with a diameter of not less than 1.2 mm.
4   The length of the scaffolding probe at the end of the working layer should be 150mm, and both ends of the board should be fixed on the supporting rod.

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