What are the safety precautions for scaffolding 1 ?

Time: 2019-10-17
Summary: The safety precautions for scaffolding : Human aspects, Aspects of things, Safety management.
I. Analysis of the causes of scaffolding accidents
(1) Human aspects
In the process of building construction, the violation of the rules of the management personnel at all levels is one of the causes of the accident. In addition, the operator's own illegal operation will also cause a large number of accidents. Especially when the scaffolding shelf workers engaged in scaffolding erection and dismantling, the helmet and seat belt were not properly worn as required. Many people are arrogant that "Artsman is daring". It is too troublesome to think that they don't wear a safety helmet or a seat belt. If you are careful, you won't have an accident, and the resulting high-level fall accident will happen. In addition, some operators have poor safety awareness, insufficient estimates of the risks that may be encountered or occurred, and problems such as inadequate safety protection at the construction site cannot be discovered in time, and can also lead to accidents.
(2) Aspects of things
Scaffolding does not meet the requirements of the specification. In some construction sites, the phenomenon of unstandardized scaffolding is relatively common. First, the protection of the scaffolding operation layer is not standardized; secondly, the dense mesh and horizontal pockets are not firmly tied, and the layer-by-layer network and the interlayer network are not set as required; Third, the setting of the scaffold is not standardized, which may lead to casualties. In addition, some scaffoldings are made of inferior materials, the rigidity is not up to the requirements, and the necessary inspections and tests are not carried out before use, which may also cause serious casualties.
(3) Safety management
When the scaffolding is erected and dismantled, the construction unit shall prepare a safety technical plan. If the safety technical specifications are not prepared and the personal experience is used during the construction process, violations of operating procedures and technical specifications may occur, causing major casualties.
Another problem with safety management is that safety inspections are not in place and failures are not discovered in time. Most of the casualties in the process of erection and dismantling of scaffolding violated technical standards and operational procedures. However, project managers and full-time security officers at the construction site failed to find problems in time during regular safety inspections and peacetime inspections. After the problem was discovered, it was not rectified and corrected in time, which eventually led to some major production accidents.

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