What are the design rules for fastener steel pipe scaffolding poles?

Time: 2019-10-15
Summary: Design rules for fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding poles。
1. The base or pad should be set at the bottom of each pole.
2, scaffolding must be set up vertical and horizontal sweeping rod. The longitudinal sweeping rod shall be fixed on the poles at a distance of not more than 200 mm from the bottom end of the steel pipe with right angle fasteners. The horizontal sweeping rod should be fixed on the vertical pole below the longitudinal sweeping rod with right angle fasteners.
3. When the foundation of the scaffolding pole is not at the same height, the height should not be less than 500, and the bottom step of the single and double row scaffolding should not exceed 2m.
4. Single-row, double-row and full-stand scaffolding poles are long except for the top layer of the project. The other joints of each layer must be connected by butt fasteners.
5. The docking and lap joint of the scaffolding poles shall comply with the following provisions.
(1) When the vertical poles are butt jointed, the butt joints of the poles shall be staggered, and the joints of the two adjacent poles shall not be placed in the synchronization, and the two purchased joints of one pole in the same phase shall be synchronized. The distance staggered in the height direction should not be less than 500m: the distance from the center of each joint to the main node should not be greater than 13 of the step.
(2) When the pole is lapped, the length of the lap shall not be less than 1 m, and shall be fixed by not less than 2 rotating fasteners. The edge-to-rod end distance of the end fastener cover shall not be less than 100 mm.
6, the top rail of the handrail should be higher than the daughter's wall end 1m, should be higher than the upper end of the mouth 15m.

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