Decoration and installation engineering scaffolding

Time: 2019-10-14
Summary: Calculation and measurement of decorative and installation engineering scaffolding。
1. Decorative engineering scaffolding
(1) indoor wall and ceiling decoration scaffolding
Interior walls and ceilings with an indoor height of 3.6m or less, the cost of scaffolding is included in the corresponding enterprise quota, and may not be calculated separately.
The indoor height is above 3.6m, and the shed or the bottom of the roof panel needs to be plastered, and the full scaffolding can be added. However, the interior wall decoration no longer calculates the scaffolding, and does not deduct the simple scaffolding cost in the plastering enterprise quota.
The indoor height is above 3.6m. If there is only interior wall plastering and no shed plastering or only spraying at the bottom of the roof panel, there is no need for full scaffolding. The decorative scaffold can be calculated according to the vertical projection area of ​​the inner wall. Scaffolding business quota.
(2) Full house scaffolding engineering quantity
Calculated by “m2” according to the indoor net area.
The full-scale scaffolding enterprise quota is compiled within 5.2m of the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling height exceeds 5.2m, an additional layer is calculated for each 1.2m (more than less than 0.6m, it is omitted). The height of the ceiling is determined by the distance from the indoor floor to the bottom of the ceiling or roof. The inclined ceiling or roof is calculated according to the average height.
(3) Balcony, awning, façade, decorative scaffolding
If you pick a balcony that protrudes more than 80cm from the wall, you can count the items to calculate the scaffolding. The amount of work, according to the length of the front, is calculated as "extended meter". If there are multiple layers of balconies, the amount of work will be calculated based on the total length of each floor. However, the concave balcony cannot be counted.
When the front façade of the large awning outside the entrance hall cannot be used for the outer wall or column scaffolding, the scaffolding can be calculated. The amount of work is calculated according to the length of the decoration, and is calculated as “extended meter”.
(4) New construction exterior wall decoration scaffolding
The main construction scaffolding should be used, and no other items should be calculated.
(5) Renovation of engineering scaffolding for exterior wall
Set the scaffolding with a basket. If you need to set up an external scaffold, calculate it according to the corresponding sub-object of the outer scaffold.
The calculation of the amount of suspended basket scaffolding is the same as that of the external wall masonry.
2. Installation engineering scaffolding
(1) Component mounting scaffolding
(2) Elevator installation scaffolding
(3) Outdoor pipe scaffolding
The amount of outdoor pipe scaffolding is calculated by multiplying the length by the height by "m2" and executing the corresponding enterprise quota sub-item. The length is calculated according to the length of the centerline of the pipeline; the height is calculated from the distance from the natural floor to the skin of the pipeline; when the pipeline is arranged in multiple layers, the height is calculated to the lower skin of the uppermost pipeline.

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