Six Major Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding System

Time: 2019-09-29
Summary: Major Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding System: Ringlock scaffolding node structure is reasonable,Reduce cost,Ringlocks scaffolding components size uniform,Efficacy and reduce the labor intensity is high,Simple maintenance,Ringlocks scaffolding group situation is flexible, the applicable scope is wide.
Ringlock scaffolding, as a supplement of cuplock scaffolding on the construction site, can be used in building projects, bridges, tunnels, chimneys, and towers.

1. Ringlock scaffolding node structure is reasonable, the axial force, force rod makes scaffolding in three-dimensional space, the overall structure with high intensity, good overall stability, and has reliable self-locking performance, can better meet the needs of the construction scaffolding safety.

2. Reduce cost, can use existing fastener type steel pipe scaffold equipment renovation, greatly reduce the cost of updating.

3. Ringlocks scaffolding components size uniform, erection of scaffold has the characteristics of standardization, standardization, suitable for site civilization construction; Due to the Ringlock and bar as a whole, avoid the bulk, the loss of the wear and tear cost, convenient for field management.

4. Efficacy and reduce the labor intensity is high, the operation level, the connection speed is faster than conventional scaffold installation 2-3 times, workers only need a small hammer can finish all the homework, can reduce the labor intensity of 0.5 times.

5. Simple maintenance, because the Ringlock scaffold to completely avoid the bolt homework, has no intention of missing parts, components of portable, firm, approved by touch the bumps, general corrosion do not affect the operation, installation simple maintenance, easy to transport.

6. Ringlocks scaffolding group situation is flexible, the applicable scope is wide, according to the construction requirements, can form a module is 0.6 m of a variety of group size and load of single row, double row scaffolding, brace, material lifting and other multi-function scaffold construction equipment, and can do curve to decorate, also can be used in any difference on the ground, according to different load requirements, flexible adjustment of stent spacing.

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