How to Calculate the Work Load of Inside and Outside Scaffolding

Time: 2019-09-29
Summary: Calculation skills for internal and external scaffolding workload .
(1) outside scaffolding, scaffold of vertical projection area in square meters (m2), Windows and doors hole and the hole area are not deduct, every building height (unless quota indicate) in 1.5 m above all sorts of brick masonry are calculated to scaffolding.

(2) vertical scaffolding projection area of wall of a scaffold in the length of the wall by the ground outside to the center line of the wall top surface height is calculated. Interior walls scaffolding of vertical projection area to interior wall net length by interior wall height calculation, gable is 1/2 height shall prevail.

(3) building exterior wall along the high, the interior wall height and the height of the wall wall within 3.6 m, according to the calculation in the scaffold. Building exterior wall along the high, interior wall height and the height of the wall above 3.6 m of masonry, calculated on external scaffold. Gable part from the ground outside (interior wall with indoor ground or floor surface) to the height of the gable 1/2 place more than 3.6 m, its entire gables calculated on the scaffold; Cloud wall height from the ground to the cloud wall salient 1/2 height more than 3.6 m, the entire cloud wall calculated on the scaffold.

Corrupted scaffolding is too fragile, especially the hardness will be lost, after the rusting of the scaffold, there will be a very fragile situation, as long as the impact, it may break. In addition, the performance will lack, resulting in unnecessary trouble. So, when the scaffold is corrupt, we don't use them, the best way is to replace with a scaffolding product.

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