Several Tips Shall be Paid Attention When Erecting the Scaffolding System

Time: 2019-09-23
Summary: Several Tips Shall be Paid Attention When Erecting the Scaffolding System
1. The erection of scaffolding general requirements
(1) the construction personnel must wear safety helmet when working on the shelf, fasten your seat belt, wear soft shoes. Scaffolding tube materials should be piled up smoothly, construction tools should be placed within the tool bag, passing objects without throwing up and down.

(2) shall not be used bamboo, wood planks, or eat by moth, dry brittle, splitting of the material.

(3) in the rain, snow, freezing weather construction, construction must be slippery measure on the shelves, and clear the snow and ice slag should be in before construction and clean.

(4) to return to work project carefully check should be made for scaffolding, if discover the stud loose subsidence, dangling, node, shelves skew, etc., should be timely treatment.

2. The erection of scaffolding requirements
(1) the erection of scaffolding should comply with the relevant requirements, and should be set enough between strong pull nodes, shall not be arbitrarily increased foot pole distance.

(2) that the foundations of the erection of scaffolding should be leveling or adding wood, plate MATS, guarantee it has enough bearing capacity, to prevent the global or local subsidence.

(3) scaffold chute and the feeding platform should be set high 1 m safety rail and 450 px high foot or hang protection set net, and with the construction of high rises.

(4) the laid of scaffolding to spread, smooth and steady, can not have the cantilever plate.

(5) in the process of erection of scaffolding, set in time to connect wall bar, bracing, and necessary to pull on the rope and sling to prevent deformation, the dumping of the build-up in the process of building the MS pipe scaffolding .

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