How to Use the Mobile Scaffolding Safely During Its Construction Process

Time: 2019-09-23
Summary: Mobile scaffolding when choosing materials, and strive to achieve the common gm, can cycle use, easy to maintenance.
In the first place in the use of mobile scaffold, must to do a good job of the scene of the survey. If the construction project for the frame structure, according to the geological survey department provide the survey report, observe whether the region is flat, according to the specific geological structures, scaffolding, and to choose different according to different geological properties of the scaffold. Secondly, set up the scaffold material preparation. Steel pipes, fasteners, safety nets and other building materials. Secondly to conform to the requirements of the scaffold structures. The first step on the scaffolding of ledger surrounding buildings closed operation, do not allow the single operation, frame construction process is interrupted, firm the scaffolding and buildings, large bar placed in the inside of the stud, poling and big bar with rectangular buckle fastening, each point of contact shall not be short of buckle.

1. Cross support, horizontal plane, scaffolding, connecting rods, arm lock Settings should comply with the regulations of structure.

2. Different products of the frame and accessories shall not be mixed in the same scaffolding tube.

3. Cross support, horizontal plane and scaffolding should close the frame.

4. Each arm lock parts, toggle hook must be in locked state. Horizontal reinforcing rod, bracing installation shall conform to the requirements of the structure, and with the scaffold erection. After installation check poling joint connection scaffolding tube rod seriously.

Whether the set of tight, tie rod is installed, whether people pedal hook and bar shelf connected firmly. When choosing materials, and strive to achieve the common gm, can cycle use, easy to maintenance.

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