What Are The Main Features of Insulated Scaffolding

Time: 2019-09-20
Summary: The Main Features and Assembly instructions and matters needing attention of Insulated Scaffolding.
1.     The overall structure USES the modular design, to build simple and easy to remove.
2.     Standard scaffolding tube parts, do not need to use any tools.
unarmed can tear open outfit, simple and convenient.
 3.     The combination of diversity, can adapt to any site environment, can be customized according to customer's requirements.
4.     Material USES light high-strength fiberglass pipe, 15 years without maintenance.
5.     The product conforms to GB17620-1998 \"live working with insulation gangway general technical conditions\" and through the national authoritative department detection, good user response.

Assembly instructions and matters needing attention
1     before use, a thorough examination has built scaffolding, ensure to follow all of the assembly instructions, to ensure that the scaffold parts without any damage.
2     when the scaffold is leveling and all casters and adjust the legs have been fixed, to climb to the top of the scaffold.
3     when one platform and things, do not move or adjust the low carbon scaffolding tube. 
4     From the interior of the scaffold ladder into the platform, or from the ladder to climb the ladder into the setup, can also through the framework into the corridor, or through the platform opening into the working platform.
5     if the base part increased the vertical extension device, must be used on a scaffold outside the support tools for fixed or widened.
6     when the platform height more than 1.20 m, you must use the security fence.
7     according to the instructions on the scaffold installation and locking strong gluten in order to enhance its stability.
8     building, wheel foot brake must stop must adjust good level.
9     points of bayonet to ensure solid connection.

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