What Are the Supporting Frame Kinds of Scaffolding Products

Time: 2019-08-28
Summary: Use scaffolding material can build all kinds of formwork support frame, including beamform, cavity scaffolding planks and beam slab mould and die box foundation, and used the bracket beam plate template.
According to the Supporting Frame structure can make the following categories:

1      according to the structural classification
1) pillar type racks (pillar bearing frame);
2) (bent) type brace (formed by a row of pillars have horizontal tie connecting structure);
3) double row racks (formed by two rows poling racks);
4) space frame type racks or set of space and architecture (more).

2      according to the truss structure system
1) geometric immutable truss structural support frame (conform to the stipulations of the truss rods slenderness, vertical plane diagonal set is not less than all of two direction structure frame of 1/2 of the sash);
2) the geometric immutable truss structural support frame (comply with scaffolding steel decking plate, but have a vertical plane diagonal sash less than 1/2 of the total framework of setting).

3      by pillar type
1) rod racks;
2) double stud support frame;
3) lattice column brace (supported by lattice column group formation frame).
4) hybrid pillar supporting frame (a mixture of rod, double stud, lattice column brace).

4      according to the level of frame is divided
1) the level of the structural don't buy a small amount of setting diagonal or shear support brace;
2) one or several level enhancement layer set of racks, and can be divided into:
A. plate level strengthen layer (each set is only a single layer, diagonal set a third level sash or higher);
B. truss type level strengthen layer (each for double, and vertical diagonal settings).

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