The Rules of Renting Ringlock Scaffolding Product

Time: 2019-08-22
Summary: Scaffolds shall be equipped with solid ladder to work staff and transporting materials up and down.
Rignlock Scaffolding at both ends, the corner, and every 6 to 7 columns should set knife hold and strut, 7 m high above can't set the strut, vertical every 4 meters, transverse every 7 meters must be connected to the building firm. Scaffolding and scaffolding each other should be connected firmly. Scaffolding must be fixed on the metal scaffolding beam.

In ramps on both sides, and scaffolding working face lateral ramps turning, should be set 1 m high railing, and set up in the lower part of the 18 cm tall guard board. It is forbidden to conveniently with the barrel, wood, brick and other building materials take temporary planks instead of regular scaffold. In order to prevent the compression of tube bending shelf fastener drop from the pipe head, each bar intersecting end were greater than 10 cm. Load more than 270 kg/m2, or form a special scaffold should carry on the design. Scaffolding, the former, it is necessary for frame tube, fastener, rafts, check, wire rack severe bending tube, fastener serious erosion, crack, raft and rotting must be scrapped, shall not be used.

No pull electric wires to the scaffold. Extensions in the channel and escalator scaffolding bar should be reinforced, can not hinder the channel. Scaffold board and ramps plate to spread on the frame rail. Scaffolding rental when mobile scaffolding, scaffolding all working staff must come down, someone working on the ban mobile scaffold. Set scaffold erection of scaffolding work leaders for inspection and issue a written confirmation of qualified rear must use. The two ends of the scaffolding shall be put on the rail, fixed firmly. Metal ringlock scaffolding poling, necessary vertically on the plate, to the ground before settle plate ramming, leveling. Scaffolds shall be equipped with solid ladder to work staff and transporting materials up and down. 

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