Specifications of Ringlock Scaffolding and Steel Tubular Scaffoldings

Time: 2019-08-21
Summary: Specification of ring scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding
Steel tubular scaffoldings are divided into general cast steel fastener type steel pipe scaffold and steel clamps, hydraulic fastener type steel pipe scaffold, production technology of cast steel fastener type steel pipe scaffold with cast iron is roughly the same, and steel plate clamps, hydraulic fastener type steel pipe scaffold is using 3.5 5 mm steel plate by stamping, hydraulic technology to suppress. Steel fastener type all kinds of superior performance, such as the fault resistance, slip resistance, resistance to deformation and resistance, rust, etc.

There are generally two kinds, a kind of 48 mm outside diameter, the wall thickness of 3.5 mm; Another 51 mm outside diameter, wall thickness 3 mm; According to its location and function of different, can be divided into a vertical pole, horizontal bar, sweep the floor.

On the basis of construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications "JGJ 130-2011 [1]

3.1.1 Ringlock scaffolding steel pipe should be used in the current national standard GB/T13793 from straight seam welded steel pipe or the low-pressure flow body with welded steel pipe transmission of GB/T3091 of Q235 plain steel pipe; Steel pipe steel quality should be Close the current national standard "carbon structural steel" GB/T700 level of Q235 steel in the rules.

3.1.2 Scaffold pole appropriate USES Φ 48.3 x 3.6 steel pipe. Each tube's biggest quality should not be greater than 25.8 kg.

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