What are the Four Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding System

Time: 2019-08-14
Summary: Four Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding System :Functional full-wide application,Good safety,Long service life,Larger space.
1. Functional full-wide application
Ringlock Scaffold uniform distance 500mm, with its oblique support pole and horizontal bars, can be installed at different compositions and different sections span bridge support, stage support, lighting towers, bridges, piers safety ladder, traditional bridge support mold system cumbersome and only apply to a specific size, significant limitations, you can install ringlock scaffolding tube composed of different functions in different shapes template holder to set up to meet the needs of various styles.

2. Good safety
Scaffold plate with self-locking plate and connecting bolt after bolt tighten the plug by its own weight, and its horizontal and vertical oblique support so that each unit is fixed triangular lattice structure, the support frame by both lateral and longitudinal deformation does not occur after the force, and the disc scaffold is a complete system, steel springboard, and ladder can play a supporting frame to ensure stability and the role of worker safety, as compared to other laying scaffolding, disc scaffold hook pedal rack security raised a height. Each cell is dish Scaffold safety lattice.

3. Long service life
Ringlock Scaffolding tube uniform galvanized is anti-corrosion treatment, the complete exclusion of painting and painting anti-corrosion treatment, which does not paint chips rust corrosion treatment in addition to reducing the high maintenance costs per capita than appearance consistent, atmospheric and beautiful silver also works to enhance the image. Preservative treatment galvanized steel is to extend the life of up to 15 - 20 years.

4. Larger space
In the conventional construction of the bridge support, the majority Bowl rack spacing of 1.2 m or less, and even up to 0.6 meters and 0.9 meters, which appeared at the site of the defect lack of space, the workers after the installation complete supervision cannot enter acceptance to the support frame in the middle.

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