Advantages and Disadvantages of Frame Scaffolding System

Time: 2019-08-12
Summary: Advantages of Frame Scaffolding System : Reliable two-way self-locking frame scaffolding ability,Comprehensive economic,More convenient and faster installation,Large capacity.
1. Reliable two-way self-locking frame scaffolding ability: one bar and the pole in the connecting plate locking function, mainly by design structure to achieve and guarantee to reduce the traditional disadvantages of artificial frame scaffolding by locking; the second is coupled to a plurality of locking bar and the same format the pole in the same node from the traditional interlocking into a single stand-alone, self-locking rope in the form of mutual quit. The traditional scaffolding on the same node, when a rail lock release, the other locking bar, and the Pole will be destroyed.

2. Comprehensive economic: no moving parts, only by a pole, two types of rail member composition, the pole, the bar are made entirely in the factory, one of the traditional maximum protection against zero scaffolding activities accessories easily lost, reduce economic losses construction unit easily corrupted; the second is no activity locking member, round buckle scaffold in use tension and stress suffered by each node was reasonable distribution, the nature of reasonable force to ensure its good stiffness and overall stability, maximize the prevention of traditional scaffolding activities locking member caused by hidden dangers.

3. More convenient and faster installation: just need to plug into the ends of the crossbar on the pole corresponding to the cone, and then you can knock tight, fast lap and the quality of its ride is traditional scaffolding cannot reach. Its ride is 8-10 times the speed split steel scaffolding fastener, and more 2 times the scaffold.

4. Large capacity: High-precision vertical cross round button multifunction steel scaffolding pole axis and the axis of the bar, reasonable force in nature. Therefore, carrying capacity, the overall stiffness, strong overall stability, allow each pole carrying 3-4 tons. 

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