How to Select Qualified Color-coated Aluminum Coil?

Time: 2019-08-08
Summary: Select the inspection standard for qualified color coated aluminum coils.
At present, the demand in the market for color coated aluminum coil is very large, many manufacturers have seen this opportunity, so they have invested in the production of color coated aluminum coil, which can not forbid some manufacturers who do not supply qualified products, then how do we identify the merits of color coated aluminum coil?

#1 To check whether the raw materials meet the standard. To high-quality color coated aluminum coil, the thickness, strength and oxide film, etc., should be consistent with the relevant provisions, if the material can not meet the standards above, then we can identify it is the poor quality color coated aluminum coil.

#2 To check whether the appearance is excellent. High-quality color coated aluminum coil processing appearance is fine, from the appearance point, the surface protective film is without scratches, traces, no aluminum debris, burrs, oil spots or other stains, there is no obvious color difference between adjacent components, the assembly does not have spill adhesive at the connection. Poor quality color coated aluminum coil processing is shoddy, cutting with sawing, the work is really not fine.

#3 To check whether the use is convenient and safe. To high-quality color coated aluminum coil, there is no obvious gap in the joint, no block, rebound, and deformation phenomenon.

#4 To check whether the manufacturer is formal. There are many self-employed to produce color coated aluminum coil, the quality is not up to standard. Therefore, it is better to choose regular manufacturer products.

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