How to Choose Right Material for Each Scaffolding Kind

Time: 2019-08-07
Summary: Scaffold sheet used in line with the relevant requirements.
1, steel landing foot palm rest, the choice of an outer diameter of 48mm, wall thickness 3.20mm, strength of steel grade Q235-A, steel surface should be flat and smooth, there should be no cracks, delimination, indentation, scratch and hard road bend, new used steel factory certification. Admission must be pre-construction scaffolding steel sampling, test units have sent the relevant national qualifications, conduct pipe bending, tensile and other mechanical test, after test results meet the design requirements before use in construction.

2, the construction of steel frame scaffolding erection uses malleable cast fasteners should comply with the Ministry of Construction "steel pipe scaffold fastener standards" JGJ22-85 by there fastener manufacturers to provide production license, without cracks, holes , shrinkage, trachoma and other defects forging, and fastener specifications should match the pipe, and stick the whole surface should be dry, flexible moving parts, opening the minimum distance not less than 5mm clamping pipe. Steel bolt tightening torque of no undermine 70N.m. Such as the use of the old fasteners, fastener must have a test sample sent to the relevant units of the national qualifications, and other tests performed fastener stabilizing force, after test results meet the design requirements before use in construction.

3, before the erection of the rack should be maintained, rust and painted in colors.  Frame Scaffolding pole, guard rails, skirting the yellow lever unified paint, scissors Supporter unified paint orange. Bottom row pole, sweeping bar are painted red and white colors.

4, scaffold boards, scaffold sheet used in line with the relevant requirements.

5, the safety net with dense mesh safety net mesh should meet the 2000 mesh / 100cm2, do not penetrate the resistance throughout the experiment, 1.6 × 1.8m leaflets net weight of more than 3kg, the color should meet the requirements of the environmental effects, the choice of green. 

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