How to Make Sure the Full Safety Ratio of Scaffolding Construction

Time: 2019-08-02
Summary: Thirteen valid recommendations to ensure the full safety of scaffolding construction.
 1,      Scaffolding safety factor building: In recent years, businesses are more impetuous in scaffolding system, especially state-owned scaffold plant. Under the financial crisis, the state-owned enterprises saw scaffolding planks industries difficult is to do and by virtue of the policy, financing advantages have been involved in the field of real estate, finance and other loans, earn quick money ideas.

2,      Whether by hand design of scaffolding

3,     Whether the scaffold work platform is covered with a pedal, and the pedal distance between the riser is less than one foot

4,      The last pitch of a pedal riser is less than 9,5 inches

5,     If all the work platform has a minimum width of 18 feet

6,      Less than 18 inches for all whether the work platform guardrail system or whether the person should use a seat belt,

7,      From the scaffolding of development and face surface is less than 14 inches

8,      When the distance scaffolding open face and face greater than 14 inches, whether all employees will have fall protection

9,      For hydraulic scaffolding and scaffolding from the working surface is less than 18 inches

10,      Whether all the scaffolding work platforms have been fixed, whether pedals extending support tube 15-25 cm,

11,     The height of the scaffolding 3 meters or less, pedal terminal extending from the support tube is less than 15 cm

12,     The height of the scaffolding 3 meters or less, pedal terminal extending from the support tube is greater than 15 cm, whether there is the fence to prevent people entering the suspended scaffolding

13,      Whether in a separate lap pedal supporting surface

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