How to Build Frame Scaffolding in A Safety Way

Time: 2019-08-01
Summary: Safe way to construct frame scaffolding: Stable frame scaffolding body. Wall components should be installed with scaffolding as required. Scissor setting requirements, scaffolding height and body fit.
★ stable frame scaffolding body

1. The inner and outer mast cross bracing should be located, its size should match the distance between the frame scaffolding and the door frame pole securely latched. Set with wall pieces: the frame below 45m high, vertical ≤6m, each set up a two-tier, level ≤8m; frame, high 45 ~ 60m, vertical ≤4m (one on each floor), level ≤6m, and shall comply with the specification.
horizontal frame setup requirements: high rack 45m or less every two steps to set a door frame; when elevated 45 ~ 60m, the horizontal frame should be set for each step a mast. (When using scaffold boards hanging button, do not set the horizontal frame).

2. Wall member should be required to set up scaffolding erection synchronized with the pitch not leak is located. Wall pieces should be rigid practices, its carrying capacity of not less than 10kN, set near the door frame beams. Scaffolding corner and a font or closed ends of the scaffolding should be added to the whole of the wall pieces.

3. Scissors setup requirements: scaffold height exceeds 20m, 4 steps should be set up scaffolding on the outside of every one, and a horizontal closed loop. Scissors along sync erection of scaffolding and scaffolding height.
use scissors to take a long lap, lap length should ≥50cm, two scaffolding fasteners anchored.
4. scaffolding erection height and body fit, once erection height should not exceed even the uppermost point of the wall above the two-step (or free height ≤4m). With the erection of scaffolding with corrected vertical, longitudinal walls along the vertical deviation should ≤H / 600 and 500mm (H is the height of the scaffolding). 

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