What Are the Main Components of Frame Scaffolding System

Time: 2019-08-01
Summary: The Main Components of Frame Scaffolding System : construction program; rack Basics .
The main components includes frame scaffolding portal frame, horizontal beams and cross braces and other mast pole vertical direction, using connecting rods and locking arm then high vertical mast supporting connection using a cross pole in the top level frame use button hanging scaffold boards or horizontal beams. The basic combination units are connected, stacked one high, about stretching, and then set the horizontal reinforcement, scissors and even a wall bar or the like, they form an integral gantry scaffolding.

★ construction program
1. Selection of the mast should be based on the shape and height of the building to determine the operating conditions, and draw the erection of structures and node detail.

2. scaffolding erection height is generally limited to 45m or less. Height of 20m or less, and at the same time four jobs; height of 35m or less at the same time three jobs; height of 45m or less simultaneously two jobs. When construction loads and reduce shrink even after the wall rod spacing, scaffolding erection height may be increased to 60m.

3. When the scaffolding erection height of more than 60m, should be designed and calculated using segmented erection methods. The design shall be calculated for approval by the higher authorities or the total technical workers.

★ rack Basics
1. Pole base should be flat compacted.
erection height at 25m below the original soil compaction, on which the pad 5cm thick planks.
erection height of 25 ~ 45m, the original soil compaction, which spread 15cm kind slag compacted wood or holes and channels.
When erection height of more than 45m, designed to deal with the basis for calculation.

2. The bottom mast lower aspect settings sweeping lever for adjusting and reducing the differential settlement gantry

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