Why Would the Frame Scaffolding Collapsed on Construction Site

Time: 2019-07-31
Summary: Analysis of the causes of collapse of frame scaffolding at the construction site.
1,      pole vertical distance, horizontal distance of erection is not standardized spacing is too large beyond the construction design or special construction program calc more, resulting in a vertical rod, bar spacing is too large, so that the actual carry load span more than theoretical value spans, causing lever, the cross-member club to bear the load exceeds the allowable load value is too large.

2,      the vertical rod, bar spacing erection of frame scaffolding is not standardized spacing is too large, beyond the construction design or special construction program calc more, resulting in pole step is too large, the actual compression length is longer than the theoretical value more, resulting in legislation rod carrying capacity dropped significantly, the load after buckling collapse. Such as vertical, horizontal sweep shot or lever, set the bar drain.

3,      fastening bolt tightening torque is too small or loose, especially near the top of the load-bearing parts of the template batch fastener bolts loose, resulting in a vertical bar, the bar and pole actual or actual pressure to carry the load span longer than the theoretical value of frame scasffolding spans length is more, template support system fails, can directly lead to instability and a full house scaffolding collapsed, and easy to advance oversight afterwards is difficult to identify.

4,      vertical, horizontal scissors erection is not standardized or not set at all, resulting in a full house scaffolding frame body was not solid or transient structural system in architecture vertical, horizontal, horizontal three directions, when subjected to load, once there appears horizontal thrust force or torque level that is generated by the uneven load occurs, will result in the full house scaffolding instability and collapse. Such as scaffolding erection Full inclined to aerodromes and in the longitudinal, transverse, horizontal scissors without the required settings.

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