How About New Type Frame Scaffolding Market and Advantages

Time: 2019-07-30
Summary: The new scaffolding advantages over traditional scaffolding: way to build a more convenient and faster, good loading capacity.
First, the traditional way Scaffolding
Choose the appropriate height of the steel pipe, but if there is a good variety storey building, you need to use docking fastener to take a long steel pipe, pole and tie rod connection is set up in connection with the fastener mode, as opposed to the standard layer, the pole above a horizontal bar to prescribe the need to use two cross fastener, a fastener with four screws above, that is to tighten the screws, the construction speed is very slow as a waste of labor.

Second, new type Scaffolding
The main need is not only new frame scaffolding fasteners, and bonding pads instead of fasteners and plugs, new frame scaffolding connection plate thickness is 8 stampings, small plugs are steel castings. When setting up a direct connection to plug into the tray on it, very simple to use, the following new scaffolding pole 57 also soldered to the diameter of a length of 19 centimeters sleeve, so-storey high when he sets directly it can pick up, simple to use, versatility.

Third, the new scaffolding advantages over traditional scaffolding
1,       way to build a more convenient and faster: in use, just need to plug into the ends of the horizontal bar on the pole corresponding to the cone, and then you can knock tight, quick demolition of the quality of its ride and lap traditional scaffolding can not be done.

2,      loading capacity: the new high-precision vertical cross scaffolding pole axis and the horizontal axis of the rod, reasonable force innature. Therefore, load-bearing capacity, the overall stiffness, strong overall stability, allow each pole bearing 3-4 tons.

3, a reliable two-way self-locking ability: First, the horizontal bar in connection with the pole disk locking function, mainly by design structure to achieve and guarantee, to reduce the traditional disadvantages of artificial scaffold by locking, so that the person does not stabilizing factor minimizes.

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