How to Build Scaffolding Planks in A Right Way

Time: 2019-07-30
Summary: The proper consideration should be paid to the construction of scaffolding boards.
Scaffolding planks erection at the bottom of each pole should be set base plate. Scaffolding pole based not on the same height, it must be the height of the longitudinal sweep shot to the lower pole and extended two fixed height difference should not exceed 1m. Pole axis distance by the slope to the top of the slope should not be less than 500mm. Scaffolding must be set vertical and horizontal sweep shot. Longitudinal shot should be at right angles away from the fastener fixed to the bottom of the pipe no more than 200mm at the pole.

Lateral sweep shot should be at right angles to the bottom of the pole fastener secured against longitudinal sweeping rod. Single row, double scaffolding pole with a full house to take a long step in addition to the top, the rest of the layers of each step must be butt joint fastener connection. Single, double scaffolding underlying pitches should not be greater than 2m. Scaffolding planks erection pole butt, lap shall meet the following requirements: when to take a long pole with lap time, lap length not less than 1m, and shall be no less than two rotating fastener is fixed.

Edge to cover the ends of the fastener rod end distance of not less than 100mm. Scaffolding planks pole to the top railing should be higher than the upper end of the parapet 1m, should be higher than the upper cornice 1.5m. When the butt to take a long pole, the pole of the docking fasteners should be staggered, two adjacent pole connector should not be set within the synchronization, the synchronization of two inner compartment separated by a pole joints staggered in height direction distance not less than 500 mm.  

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