What Factors Shall be Taken into Consideration When Erecting Scaffolding

Time: 2019-07-25
Summary: Nine necessary factors should be considered when constructing scaffolding .
1  Site factors, including:
The distance to electrical cables, to process pipes and to the overhead obstacles. 3 inches to the insulating cables of 300KV or below 10 inches to 300 to 500KV cables With appropriate access passage.

2. Weather condition

3. Scaffolding material and structure elements
Ringlock scaffolding material shall be no damages and any defective goods shall be forbidden to use.

4.  Install appropriate handrails and toe boards with safety up and down stair ways.

5. The inter space between transoms and transverse tube shall comply with requirements and regulations.

6.  Set suitable anchoring points to connect to adjacent structural objects.

7.  Make protective measures upsides and downsides.

8.  Around the hemisphere of scaffolding system, safety nets shall put up to make sure the safety of working staffs.

9.  The nearby frontier of surrounding objects, holes and ground surface shall match the construction needs.

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