Advantges of Using New Type Shear Wall in Ringlock Scaffolding

Time: 2019-07-25
Summary: Advantges of using new type shear wall in ringlock Scaffolding and the template is mainly reflected in the support of the highlights
New building shear wall template support for fixing the name suggests is in situ concrete formwork construction, but due to the traditional construction, material utilization is low, the construction quality ofpersonnel is not high, the concrete pouring process often run mode situation. While these will not cause too much impact on the security and safety engineering construction workers, but after the accident need for secondary construction, secondary construction will cause delays, increase the labor intensity of construction workers and an increase in the duration of the project cost .

New building shear wall template support is in this context the development of the structure by combining scalable vertical and cross beams and ingenious connected by several members, the perfect solution to support the process template.

The template is mainly reflected in the support of the highlights:
Vertical beams are high-strength cold-rolled steel, a few C-shaped vertical beams and steel beams were surface contact, increase the force area, and the same material by the beam small environmental impact, thermal expansion coefficient phase for example, a combination of wood and steel is very advantageous to build ringlock scaffolding system.

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