Features of New Type Building Formwork Supporting System

Time: 2019-07-24
Summary: Features of New Type Building Formwork Supporting System .
Use steel instead of wood in the ringlock scaffolding systems, formwork supporting system features:

1. The main and the second keels are made to be component sets according to building model designs. When constructing, they are put into different kits according to their lengths. And even for some special model parts, they can also be adjusted according to expansion joints. It flexible lengths can meet various specified requirements. And the keels can be simply assembled without any technical requirements, saving up to 20% the working time when compared to traditional square wood frame tubes.

2. Recyclable. The recycle ratio can be as much as 300 times or above as they can be reused in different projects. so the total profits will increase accordingly.

3. Cold pressed steel plates have higher strength, and better stability and property, strengthening the pouring quality of the concrete greatly.

4. Replace wood. So there will be much quantity of wood resources saved. For the construction of an area of 100 square meters, the wood consumption of wood will be 1 cubic meter and the annual consumption can be as much as millions of cubic meters. 

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