Do you know features of qualified ringlock scaffolding system

Time: 2019-07-23
Summary: Features of qualified ringlock scaffolding system.
Connection length of major scaffolding tube shall be shorter than 1.8mm. According to the mechanical test, if connection length of tube is 3.0mm, it can bear working load of 15.395 tons; length of 1.8mm, it can bear working load of 25.164 tons; if the scaffolding tube is disqualified, its load bearing capacity will be 61% of 1.8mm tube’s about 15.395tons.

The extension connection of ringlock scaffolding is on a side rather than at one point. There is no space or gap at the major frame and frame tube joint even turning it at 360 space.

The vertical deviation after assembly can be controlled within 0.3%.

The smaller the deviation, the smaller influence the load deviation will have on the frames.

Refined material to raise working efficiency ten times.

Use Q345 high strength scaffolding tube with precise sizes, so the frame can connect to be a tower and move as a whole.

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