How to erect the outside scaffolding system safely

Time: 2019-07-19
Summary: Four safety steps to establish an external scaffolding system。
(1) Pole with a large bar with a right angle fasteners must be fastened, not allowed to set or omissions or every other step. Pole position adjacent joints should be staggered arranged in sync from the inside, with a large bar a distance of not more than one-third of pitches (40cm).

(2) The joint position of the upper and lower ledger should be staggered arranged in different vertical pole from within, and adjacent to the pole distance of not more than one-third (50cm) vertical distance. The large bar adjacent step frame should be staggered and arranged on four sides of the outer pole to pole to reduce the eccentric load case, the horizontal deviation of the same row of ledger sheet scaffold level not greater than 1/250 of the total length, and not more than 50mm.

(3) A small bar close to the pole should be set up to take over a large bar with a right angle fasteners, a small bar on the lower left and right side should be arranged along the pole can not be set up away from the pole, to change the structure of that force status. In no case shall dismantle small bar.

(4) 3.5 steel wall pieces, embedded steel fastening one end of the frame column or hold the other end with a scaffolding pole fastener fastening.

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