How to make the ground base reliable for the erection of scaffolding

Time: 2019-07-19
Summary: The main points of scaffolding installed during the foundation construction process.
In order to ensure the safety of scaffolding erection, scaffolding erection during the construction of the foundation is very important.

1) Scaffolding should be flat ground compaction.

2) Scaffolding steel column can not stand direct land surface, and the base plate should be added (or skids), pallets (wood) thickness not less than 50mm.

3) In case when the pits, pole should be down to the bottom or at the bottom of the groove is provided plus beam (generally available sleepers or steel beam).

4) Scaffolding should have a reliable foundation drainage measures to prevent water soaking foundation.

5) Next to the scaffold with a groove excavation, should control the distance from the pole outside the trench side: when elevated in less than 30m. Frame height 30 ~ 50m when no less than 2.0m. When elevated in 50m or more, no less than 2.5m.

6) Channel located at the bottom of the scaffolding skids (board) should be lower than its ground on both sides in addition to provided on the cover.  

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