Several cautions you shall pay when using the mobile scaffolding

Time: 2019-07-04
Summary: Three important things to note when using mobile scaffolding
First, a small bar spacing 1.5m, against a large bar under the outer side wall extending length should not exceed 500.

Second, a large bar and pole connection: In addition to the top pole lap top step may be, and the lap length is not less than 1 m, the use of at least two rotating fastener, fastening the ends of the connecting rod from the end does not outside less than 100, the rest should be butt fastener connection joints should be staggered not synchronized within the stagger distance not less than 500, each joint center to the primary node distance of not more than 600.

Third, according to the design characteristics of this project and field conditions, using the mobile frame scaffolding ф48 steel double scaffolding, pole vertical distance 1.5m, horizontal distance of 1.05m, pole distance within the building facade 0.30m, pole increments of 1.8m; the four roof pole spacing 1.5m × 1.5m, 200mm in from the roof at intervals of 1.8m and above all with a steel pipe ф48 together into a whole.

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