Basic work of building standing tubes and frame tubes to erect scaffolding

Time: 2019-07-04
Summary: Basic work requirements for establishing vertical and frame tubes to erect scaffolding.
Steel tubular scaffold is a form of housing construction the most commonly used. Pole and frame scaffolding pole is the basic work. The use of steel casing base , to the casing pipe into the bottom of the base . Light pole should stand in the middle of one and two , to be " pulled into a three-point line after " again the rest of the middle pole . Pole vertical requirements , allowable deviation should be less than the height of 1/200 .

Inside and outside row pole bent double connection should be perpendicular to the wall.

Rack pole , while a large bar that is installed, a large bar after a good part of the installation , followed by installation of a small bar. To a large bar with a small bar perpendicular to both ends of a large bar extending outside 150mm, to prevent the occurrence of bending a small bar by the force while slipping from the fastener.  

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