Mobile scaffolding are of multifunction as being reliable and safe

Time: 2019-06-28
Summary: Mobile scaffolding are of multifunction as being reliable and safe 、cheap and practical.
Mobile scaffolding safe and reliable use of many : Currently, resolve excess capacity has become an important task of the scaffolding industry stable development. However, the first half of the scaffolding production increased by 7.4% , scaffolding capacity release has not been effectively controlled.

Safe and reliable
1. Overall performance is good : with a foot pedal , parallel planes, buckle pipe wall , horizontal and cross- rod tubes crossbar latches 
2. bear reasonable force : the vertical riser directly under pressure to meet the construction needs of each performance .
3. fire performance, the main frame and accessories are all steel products .

Cheap and practical
1. In accordance with domestic and international data users and reflect, door frame scaffolding , such as maintenance , and can be reused more than 30 times , wood frame can not be compared.
2. Move the scaffolding 50% lower basis weight than steel tubular frame, cost -per- consuming demolition steel frame 1/2 , 1/3 , efficiency and effectiveness of bamboo frame is significant , and the building. The higher the efficiency , the better.

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