Precautions when scaffolding erection is under operation

Time: 2019-06-27
Summary: ZHONGHONG are the largest industrial enterprises in Tianjin China,manufacturing and distributing quality and economical scaffolds,formworks,structural steels.
1,      pole: In addition to the top can overlap, but each other fittings necessary to use docking fastener convergence, cross docking fastener should be disposed adjacent pole connector can not be located in sync with cross inside, stagger distance of no less than 500MM, pole The lap length is not less than 1M, less than two fasteners fixed.   

2,      the horizontal bar (ledger): Scaffolding longitudinal horizontal bar should be set up inside the pole, its length should not be less than three-span, you can overlap or butt, lap time, lap length is not less than 1M, equally spaced 3 rotating fasten to fixed scaffolding planks, the joint can not be set in synchronization with the cross-over side, horizontal bar (small bar) should be set at the level of vertical bars, the main junction must be set horizontal bar. 

3,      scissors: scissors per channel across the width of the pole root in 5-7 appropriate and not less than 6 meters, diagonals and angle of the air between 45 degrees -60 degrees, the outer surface of the scaffolding necessary at both ends spacing each with a scissors, scissors between the middle of each channel is not greater than 15M, scissors diagonals should adopt the lap, and the length is not less than 1M, less than two rotating fastener fixed.

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