Protection measures for the mobile scaffolding firmer

Time: 2019-06-26
Summary: How to make the protection of Protection measures for the mobile scaffolding firmer :Mobile scaffolding firm protection measures diagonals settings、Appearance stand face test requirements、Diagonals distance 、Take a long diagonals.
Mobile scaffolding firm protection measures diagonals settings: oblique club member use 5000mm pipe specifications , covering the whole facade.

Appearance stand face test requirements: graphics the same size, the rod straight, highly consistent intercourse.

Diagonals distance : Press the pole longitudinal distance , 7000mm set a different direction than a pay rise scaffolding every 35m ; 35mm or less scaffolding 8500mm set a different pair every direction . If a facade scaffolding longitudinal distance of less than 7000mm, setting a single zig-zag across the diagonals .

Take a long diagonals : diagonal does not take long to connect by using the docking fastener, should be used to lap joint. Lap distance of not less than 980mm, and firmly connected with two rotating fastener, fastening from the joint position is not less than 980mm. As shown below.
Take a long direction of the lever being connected at the bottom of a long rod stacked. Foundation construction requirements: backfill compaction to stratification must pad through a long wooden pole on Fang or wooden springboard. While moving the scaffolding construction, good drainage measures prevent water causing scaffolding planks sink.

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