Meet such requirements to make sure safety and stability of scaffolding

Time: 2019-06-19
Summary: Make sure safety and stability of scaffolding :stability of scaffolding frame 、 reliable connection joints、 solid scaffolding foundation .
1      stability of scaffolding frame

The structural unit shall be stable structural form and set diagonal tubes, bridging braces, tie members or transom according to requirements and regulations. At the access, holes or other places which have to increase the size or parts which will bear working load, set reinforcing tubes or supporting tubes according to real needs.

2      reliable connection joints

Crossing joints at crossing places shall comply with structural regulations, so do the installation and fixation level. The tie members, supporting points, and hanging points of scaffolding shall set at structural points where can reliably bear the working load and check the structural forces if needed.

3      solid scaffolding foundation

Safety protection on the scaffolding means using safety equipments to provide safety and protection to avoid any falling accidents of scaffolders from the scaffolding working platform. Add temporary supporting or pulling equipments for such scaffoldings which haven’t been in sound shape yet or lost stable structure and form. 

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