Cost Comparison of Ringlock Scaffolding or Cuplock Scaffolding .

Time: 2019-06-14
Summary: Which Costs More? Ringlock Scaffolding or Cuplock Scaffolding?
Working time: for the cuplock scaffolding, it needs about 1500 hours to remove scaffolding of 100 thousand metric meters while the removal of ringlock scaffolding needs 300 hours only. And the proportion ratio between them is 5:1.

Key keel and sub-keel. For the cuplock scaffolding, the total investment on this subject is 1500-2000 thousand while that for the ringlock scaffolding, there is no need to use wood keel and such material and instead use 12# double bracket groove steel. So in projects, use key keel and sub keel of ringlock scaffolding system to match the scaffolding body.  Cost: the use of steel in the cuplock is large and the delivery cost is high. It's working time is much and cost more when accidents of loosing or maintenance happen.

The use of steel in the ringlock scaffolding system is small with a low delivery cost. The time is less than that of the cuplock scaffolding and there is no expense on the accidents of loosing or repairing even there are ringlock scaffolding stairways.

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