China's Formworks Support The Development Of More And More Modernization And Standardization.

Time: 2019-06-13
Summary: China's templates support the development of more and more modernization and standardization.
The formwork means to the system used to reinforce and support in the concrete construction. In popular words called the support template. People use bamboo and wood system in the past. The formwork support develop more and more modernization & standardization due to more and more concrete projects.

Of course, some people in countryside still use the bamboo and wood system. But this unsafe system is not meet modern concrete construction due to the reasons
1. improvement of the production efficiency
2. higher floor requirement and structure diversification
3. improvement of labor cost

At present, the main form work support system is tube scaffold in domestic construction.The system features for its lower investment, highly used in market.The system quality can’t full compliance with national standard due to bad price competition . And due to locking fastener used by human ,the accidents occur frequently.  Frame scaffold improved safety drawbacks of the tube scaffold.But it have some problem:
1.     It is heavy cause poor transportation for manual handling
2.     Many small frame factory in domestic market. It makes lot of poor products appear in domestic market as their quality inspection is not strict.

The idea product are prop and system scaffold(ringlock scaffold ,cuplock scaffold) in domestic market. Some province have issue special specification and apply this product in local. It is good news for scaffolding manufacturer. 

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