How to safty working in scaffolding safety working requirement

Time: 2019-06-12
Summary: How to ensure the safety of scaffolding work: construction safety, worker safety, etc.
1)    The actual construction load weight should not exceed the construcion design date per square meter.

2)    The materials on the construction surface should be packing tighly that can’t effect the workers’ operation and other person.
The pass shoud keep unblocked.The worker prohibited to move the tool cars on the scaffolding structure.

3)    The worker should working in suitable height in the scaffolding. It prohibit the worker add scaffolding to increase the operating height.

4)     During working,prohibit to dismantle the scaffolding compents,the horizontal,diagonal,scaffold plank and coupler . If do necessary, the worker should be approved by the director and make some remedy measures. And after work finished, recover it in time.

5)      During the working,the person should pay more attention to the safety protection.Avoid collision,slip and all from the scaffolding.It is strictly prohibited to frolicking in scaffolding.

6)      Persons should go up and down from scaffolding through security access.Prohibited climb the scaffolding.

 7)      Before access,person should check if there is safe problem first.Start working after find and solve the problem.If find body unsafe condition and sign,should stop working immediately and come back after operation.If found some dangerous situation,should notice all persons and evacuate.

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