Scaffolding Surface Treatment And The Differences Between Hot dip galvanizing And Electric galvanizing

Time: 2019-06-12
Summary: Scaffolding surface treatment and differences of hot dip galvanizing and electric galvanizing
Scaffolding Surface Treatment Scaffolding Surface Treatment
There are several kinds of surface treatment for scaffolding. Such as :
1.     paint
2.     powder coated
3.     electric galvanizing
4.     hot dip galvanizing.

But the most two popular type are hot dip galvanizing an delectric galvanizing . So what’s the differences between them ?
Hot dip galvanizing
1.      Galvanizing method
Hot dip galvanizing means the scaffold dip in the molten zinc of 500 degree. While the electric galvanized means the scaffold galvanizing in zinc by electroplating at normal temperature.
2.      Corrosion resistance
The hot galvanizing is dozens of times better than electric galvanizing.
3.      Galvanized thickness
The thickness of hot dip galvanizing is much thicker than electric galvanizing.

1.      Surface smoothness
The electric galvanizing surface looks smooth which is better than hot galvanizing. Thus some scaffolding components such as screw jacks normally in electric galvanizing.
2.      Cost
Hot dip galvanizing cost is 150% to 200% higher than electric galvanizing.
3.      Galvanizing surface
Electric galvanizing can be treated only one side while hot dip galvanizing will be fully galvanized two side.
4.      Zinc adhesion
Electric galvanizing adhesion is much less than hot dip galvanizing.

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