The fundamental erection requirements of the stadium tubular scaffolding.

Time: 2019-06-11
Summary: Basic installation requirements for stadium tubular scaffolding, standing tubes and coupler connecting。
General requirements:
The erection height of the scaffolding for sale shall be one lift higher than the working platform and form a closure area around the building body. The length of the standing tubes shall be various and staggered erected. The outside line over the top of the standing tubes shall be 1.5m higher than the eaves of the building and that of the inside line 0.4-05m lower than the eaves. Once finishing the erection of each span of the outside frames, their verticality of standing tubes, the elevation of big and small transverse tubes and their horizontality shall be adjusted and corrected in time so all the tubes can be kept in the same line.  

Standing tubes: backed with basing plates at the bottoms and if there is any need to extending the length, using butt jointing instead of overlap jointing. Use the sleeve couplers with 50cm of staggering space between the butting joints and the two adjacent standing tube joint shall not be set in the same span.

Coupler connecting: the extension of standing tubes shall use the overlap jointing at the top level while the rest level shall use the scaffolding butt jointing. The big and small transverse tubes shall be connected to the standing tubes while the handrails shall be
connected to the standing tubes with right angle couplers.

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