How to choose the erection plan of the different scaffolding?

Time: 2019-06-11
Summary: Factors to consider when choosing a different scaffolding installation.
When choosing the erection plan, the following elements shall be taken into consideration:

1     The structural design of the scaffolding for sale frame shall meet the requirement on the structure as reasonable and economical.
2     Within the regulated time limit and conditions, the scaffolding shall meet the required safety ratio and durance. When choosing the construction materials, they shall be common in the market and easy to maintain and keep.

3     For the choose of the structural type, the structure shall be able to bear a certain value of working load, and the structural measures shall be taken. The lifting platform is easy to dismantle and inspect.

4     For the common type steel cantilevered scaffolding, the diameter of tubes shall be 48mm and the wall thickness shall be 3.2mm, and the steel strength level shall be Q235-A. The surface of the tubes shall be smooth without any cracks, dents, scratches or bends. Before put  into use, all the scaffoldings structures shall be sample check and sent for inspection in some qualified departments.

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