What are the advantages of ringlock scaffolding products.

Time: 2019-06-10
Summary: The advantages of ringlock scaffolding products: easy and effective、safe and stable.
easy and effective
it is fast to assemble and remove the ringlock scaffolding products and it is flexible to alter them according to real construction project needs and height. In addition, each tower belongs to an independent unit which can be moved and hang swiftly to highly rise the working efficiency. Due to the fixation model is putting the spigot into the ringlock, each connection can be done after the spigot inserted into he ringlock and knocked downside.

safe and stable
As there goes the way in the ringlock scaffold manual, each tube is fixed by pins to the ringlock and there are eight fixing holes at the connection joints. Four of them are to fix the ledgers and the rest, which is larger in size, are to fix the diagonal tubes and positioning tubes. All the joints shall be on the same horizontal level and the main frames, ledgers and diagonals shall be compactly connected so they can effectively pass over all the working load. Each tube can be independently connected with addition and reduce of tubes can be easily done to leave out the effect of connectiong joints. 

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